‘Man blasted to death during cannabis deal’

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A man was fatally injured after being blasted in the neck as a cannabis deal turned violent at a house in Leeds, a jury heard.

Pawel Matras, 21, was killed and his brother Zedislaw, 32, was seriously injured after being shot in the stomach during the incident at Blue Hill Crescent, Wortley, on November 8 last year.

The prosecution at Leeds Crown Court allege Naseer Khan, 23, fired the fatal shot with a semi-automatic handgun.

Peter Moulson, QC, said Khan and his close friend Abdullah Ullah, 24, had driven to the property in order to rob the brothers of cannabis.

The jury was told the Matras brothers, both Polish nationals, rented the house in Wortley and had grown around £10,000 which they wanted to sell.

A meeting with Ullah and Khan had been arranged through a mutual acquaintance. It is alleged the two men drove from London in convoy with Ullah’s girlfriend Daniella Craik. The court heard Craik was sat in her car outside the address when four shots were fired during a struggle inside.

One bullet flew through the window and ended up embedded in the garden wall of a property over the road. They then returned to London where it is alleged Khan got his cousin, Azhar Khan, to buy him a one-way ticket to Islamabad.

Khan left the country two days later but was arrested on his return to the UK in February.

Ullah, of High Road, Harrow, and Naseer Khan, of Queens Crescent, London, both plead guilty to murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to supply cannabis.

Danielle Craik, 20, of Carmelite Walk, Harrow, pleads not guilty to conspiracy to supply cannabis. Azhar Khan, 20, of Churchill Garden, London, pleads not guilty to perverting the course of justice.