Make-up map reveals which beauty product Leeds spends the most on

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A 'make-up map' of the UK has revealed which cosmetic product is the most popular in Leeds.

Research by online beauty store Escentual.com analysed the sales of make-up products in different postcodes.

Leeds saw the highest number of eyeshadow sales in the country - a trend which has been attributed to its 'experimental' large student population.

The city has topped the charts for eyeshadow purchases for the past 12 months.

Other product concentrations were:-

FOUNDATION AND BLUSHER - Edinburgh. The Scottish capital's cool, windy climate is thought to be the reason its women buy more blusher to perk up their complexions, and better foundations to give them a robust base on blustery days.

FAKE TAN - Newcastle. The home of Geordie Shore has long been a hotspot for fake tan, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Websites even reported self-tanning products selling out completely on Fridays because so many north-east customers have placed orders for delivery before their Saturday night out.

EYEBROW PENCILS - Liverpool. The spiritual home of the Scouse brow, eyebrow-enhancing products are huge on the Mersey. Liverpudlian women also top the charts on hair product spending.

NAIL POLISH - Essex. The county's signature look is strongly influenced by the cast of reality show The Only Way is Essex, who are regularly seen in nail bars.

LIPSTICK - London. Women in the capital, home of the UK fashion industry, spend the most on lippy, which has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Popular for those seeking a more low-key 'hipster' look.