Made In Chelsea boys bring London look to Leeds

ON TREND: Bringing London and global inspired style to Leeds are Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris.
ON TREND: Bringing London and global inspired style to Leeds are Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris.
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From Los Angeles to Leeds...

Two British sunglasses designers have launched their brand in the city’s Harvey Nichols store which has become the first retailer in the UK to stock the products.

Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor, and his long time friend Charlie Morris have spent almost three years from a boozy lunch in Ibiza, where the idea for Taylor Morris first came about, to marketing the luxury eyewear which ranges in price from £130 to £325 for a limited edition pair.

The best-selling eyewear brand in Mexico, Taylor Morris products are also popular in LA, China and Dubai.

The brand is capturing the attention of other great British names and a collaboration with Malvern-based car manufacturer Morgan has just placed the products firmly on the map.

In an exclusive interview with City Buzz they said: “Morgan are a classic, heritage, home-made brand and we are young, energetic and active on social media.

“We are about lifestyle, exploring, travelling and they asked us to work with them. We have been approached by other brands to collaborate which didn’t feel right. This did and we worked with the head of car design at Morgan to create 16 designs which we cut to one.”

The Chelsea boys have been visiting Harvey Nichols sites across the UK, and admittedly enjoying the party scene in each, and Leeds has been no exception.

Hugo, who admits to owning a thousand pairs of glasses, while Charlie has just the one, added: “As we came in here a girl was buying a pair of our glasses and she said all her friends loved them. Leeds is the second biggest site and there is a lot of fun to be had in Leeds.”

After the launch the boys threw a party at the Crafthouse, stayed at La Maison and also ate at Bibi’s Italian.


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