Lucky Leeds cat’s 30 day odyssey

Cloud made it all the way back to Harrogate from Otley.
Cloud made it all the way back to Harrogate from Otley.
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When Cloud the cat jumped in a delivery van en route to Otley, many feared his nine lives were up.

After a month spent searching for him round the region, Cloud’s owner Moira Morgan had almost given up hope.

Then, on a quiet Sunday night and after 30 days away, her 11-year-old daughter miraculously found him in bushes outside their home in Harrogate.

The cat had jumped into a Sainsbury’s delivery van on the Friday night but his disappearance was not discovered until the following day.

Moira said: “I didn’t think it was likely because he’s a real house cat but when I rang Sainsbury’s up they said that a large grey cat had actually jumped out the van in Otley but then he disappeared into the fields.”

This sparked the beginning of a mini cat-hunt, with posters and leaflets being handed out and a social media campaign urging people to keep an eye out. After such extensive searching, Moira said that her family were still in shock that Cloud appeared out of the blue especially considering the length of the trip. According to Google Maps, it would take someone almost three-and-a-half hours to walk from Otley to his home on Green Lane.

She said: “People have been telling me that cats have amazing instincts but he’s a house cat so I thought there’s no way. Even I got lost coming from Otley so there was little chance he could do it.

“I had given up on it by this stage but it’s amazing that he’s come back although he’s lost half his body weight. We are going to have to use him as a sat-nav in future but only if we’re coming home.”