'˜A loud bang and the driver screaming' - Horror moment car smashed into Leeds house after police chase

A man has described his shock at waking up at 3am this morning and finding a car had crashed through his living room wall.

Andrew Anderson, 52, woke up to an “almighty bang” as a car being pursued by police, skidded on black ice outside his home in Beeston and then careered through the wall.

Mr Anderson, who is disabled and shares the ground floor flat on Flaxton Gardens with his friend Michelle Beckford, who is also disabled, said: “I looked in the front room - there’s a big hole and the driver screaming.”

Seconds later he said police pursuing the car also skidded and went into the back of another police car.

The five were taken to hospital for treatment for injuries, including a fractured arm and a fractured wrist. They were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery. One of the men was also wanted on re-call to prison.

Mr Anderson said: “The window is completely smashed and from the back door to the side of the wall, it is virtually completely gone.”

The living room in his council flat was left covered in debris, but the hole in the wall has been boarded up.

Mr Anderson was offered a room at a hostel but said they decided to stay at home, because neither can manage stairs because of their disablities.

Andrew Andersoo in his house in Beeston after the crash

He thanked a neighbour who invited them in and gave them a cup of tea, adding: “I had to keep calm for Michelle - she was in a complete state of shock. Her face was white with shock.

“There are cars that speed up and down the road and I’d say one of these days they are going to hit black ice and go out of control.

“One the positive side it’s only material stuff that has been broken - no lives have been lost, so it is a case of being thankful that we are not injured.

“The structural engineer says it’s safe to stay. The council say they are going to try and get something done as a priority.”

Andrew Andersoo in his house in Beeston after the crash