Look Up Leeds: How the industrial revolution landed in city

The area around Leeds Dock dates back hundreds of years and the River Aire for many, many more before that.

Saturday, 1st December 2018, 5:00 am
IMPOSING: The rows of warehouses and docks that make up Calls Landing.

But it was the 1700s when this part of the city became the economic hub.

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Cartogropher John Cossins’ drew up the ‘1726 Plan of Leedes’ which shows a street labelled “Calls” from the Leeds Bridge to Leeds Parish Church. The old street sign also shows it as “Calls”, without “the”. The name “Calls” is believed to come from the Latin word callis, meaning beaten path.

But it was much more than that a few years later as it was a working dock serving shipments in and out of the city throughout the Industrial Revolution.

That use declined at the turn of the century and the area became neglected with the vast warehouses and docks lying empty until major regeneration started in the 1980s. The best view is across the river where they still stand proud but as luxury apartments and offices.