Local Newspaper Week 2011: Your stories that make it your YEP

Yorkshire Evening Post Editor Paul Napier.
Yorkshire Evening Post Editor Paul Napier.
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It’s Local Newspaper Week, a celebration of the part played by newspapers including the Yorkshire Evening Post in the communities they serve.

Editor Paul Napier describes the role our readers have in shaping their paper.

tHE Yorkshire Evening Post prides itself on being at the heart of Leeds.

Your YEP is one of the biggest names in regional publishing.

More than 100,000 people in and around our city will read today’s paper and at least 25,000 people today will visit our website for the latest breaking news, to catch up on news and sports stories they may have missed, or to see videos and slideshows.

The editorial team here works hard to make sure the news, features and sports reports we deliver are what you want.

It’s important that your interests and concerns, your irritations and frustrations, are reflected in the pages of the YEP.

We hope it entertains, informs and stands up for you when you need us to be there.

The YEP has been serving Leeds for 121 years. Every change to our city has been chronicled in our pages and, more recently, on our website.

We have a team of specialist reporters covering everything from crime to consumer issues to goings-on at the council.

We also have reporters whose job it is to handle the community stories which mean so much to our readers.

You may have noticed that the names and pictures of some of our reporters, along with the parts of Leeds and beyond that they cover and their contact details, have appeared in the paper this week.

There will be a reporter whose job it is to be close to your community.

A large amount of what you see in the YEP comes to us from readers.

The most obvious example is the letters we carry each day, but many of our local sports reports, news stories or the details of community events come direct from readers.

If you want to share news, good or bad, if you feel there’s an issue in your area upon which we should be shining a light, or there’s a story you think we’re missing, please get in touch.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

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