Live ‘autopsy’ to come to a Leeds stage

Anatomy Lab Live will come to Leeds in April.
Anatomy Lab Live will come to Leeds in April.
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A live autopsy of ‘the world’s only semi-synthetic human cadaver’ is coming to a stage in Leeds.

Anatomist Samuel Piri will bring a specially-constructed body filled with real pig organs to the city in April for his sell-out ‘Anatomy Lab Live’ tour.

He will perform a live dissection on the ‘body’ - named VIVIT - which aims to showcase the effects of health and disease on real internal organs.


Samuel, who also tours schools to teach children about the human body, said the show is for the public as well as health professionals and has been selling out in hours in some cities such as Newcastle.

He said: “We can give people a better understanding of health and disease and show them the effect on the body - and they can perhaps make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices.

“We’ll show the effect of smoking on the lungs and alcohol on the liver.

“It’s a specially adapted synthetic cadaver that we’ve designed which uses real pig organs. It’s in a body bag, with skin and fat layers and muscles.

“We use pig organs because they are anatomically so similar to humans - in terms of size and structure.”

The ‘autopsy’ will start with inside the head and jaw, demonstrating the brain and spinal cord, before opening up the thoracic cavity to show the trachea, lungs and heart.

Finally, Samuel will enter the abdominal cavity to reveal the stomach, liver, gall bladder, intestines, kidneys and bladder.

The audience will also have chance to put their questions to Samuel and to leading medics accompanying him on stage.

‘Anatomy Lab Live’ is at The Village Hotel North in Headingley on April 8. Tickets are £60, including a two-course meal before the dissection. Visit www.anatomylablive.co.uk for more information and tickets.