Litter louts put Yorkshire at top of fast food shame league

A new anti-littering message, 'Love Where You Live', was announced on the back of new statistics which show that England's litter problem is not improving – and that Yorkshire has more than double the amount of fast-food litter compared to other regions.

The Local Environment Quality Survey for England (LEQSE) report published today reveals that there have been no real improvements in litter levels, a pattern seen over recent years.

Levels of smoking-related litter, confectionery packaging, non-alcoholic drink and fast food related litter have all risen in the past year.

The report also reveals that Yorkshire has seen a one-point decrease on the National Cleanliness Index compared with last year, with the scores for leaf fall and weed growth worsening.

Fast food litter is more than double that of other regions, and is found on 68 per cent of sites, while alcohol-related litter and gum stains are also more prevalent than in other regions.

However, bin condition and degree of fill has significantly improved.

The National Litter Convention brings together partners from government, local authorities, business and the voluntary sector, who will work together to tackle this problem.

Combined action will be supported by a new communication brand 'Love

Where You Live' which has been developed with the 'Litter Challenge Group', a core group made up of these partners. This new brand has been developed with financial input from the businesses involved with this group.

PIC: Neil Cross

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