LISTEN: The spooky tales that gave us goosebumps - written by children in Leeds

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AROUND 100 children across Leeds put pen to paper to produce spine-chilling tales for the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Halloween story competition.

We were so impressed with the quality of the entries that we are publishing a selection of them before announcing the winner.

Here are a selection of just some of the terrible tales - read them if you dare!

We asked youngsters to write their spooky story starting with the sentences:

Cousins Shaun and Lucy were enjoying a half term holiday walk in the woods. It was a clear late October day when they set off, but suddenly a mist descended...

Adnaan Ahmed, Year 7, Cooperative Academy of Leeds

A mist that they have never experienced before. Cousins Shaun and Lucy shook. They shook like ice cubes in a cup rattling.

The mist was surrounding them and suddenly spooky faces started to appear. Frightened, they ran. They ran as fast as they could. Lucy ran like a car; Shaun ran like a bullet.

“Oooh,” the spooky faces spoke as they chased Lucy and Shaun. The cousins were crying but the ghosts didn’t show any mercy. They chased the cousins until they fulfilled their motive which no one knew.

Then, all of a sudden the ghosts appeared in front of them which caused the two innocent humans to fall flat on the floor.

The ghosts came closer. Even closer. The cousins cried loud. Then, even louder but the ghosts didn’t stop coming further...

Ben Aves, Guiseley School

It was all going well until this happened, but neither of them knew what was coming. Unexpectedly a mysterious figure appeared.

Little did they know who this mysterious figure was. It didn’t look like a man or a woman, it hardly looked like a person at all, Shaun looked at Lucy then Lucy looked back at Shaun and they both said, “RUN!”

They sprinted as fast as they could to whatever thing they could hide behind but there was nothing, until Lucy shouted, “There!”

They quickly dashed to a small gully in the middle of the hill but the figure was moving towards them.

In fact so close to them that that they could hear it breathing, but on the bright side it was slowly going away.

The kids were laid in the gully frozen as if they had just seen a ghost (even though they might have seen something as scary) they were completely flabbergasted.

Two of the longest minutes of their lives passed and the beast seemed to have gone, so when they had the chance they ran (bear in mind their house was in the gloomy wood).

But they didn’t care as long as they were inside. But as soon as they got in the house, the light went off and they were completely in the darkness...

Emily Roome, Brighouse High School

Nothing stopped them from walking in the woods, further away from home. Getting more and more deep into the woods, the light got as dark as the night sky. Shaun and Lucy got a bit frightened in the gloomy woods.

“Why don’t we start heading home,” said Lucy, alarmed.

“No way!” said Shaun. Carrying on through the dangerous woods they went. Lucy walking like a nervous penguin and Shaun was walking like everything was fine.

The grim-looking woods were petrifying, the branches on the trees were swaying like someone was touching them like they were fragile.

Through the trees, all Lucy and Shaun could see was the full moon shining brightly like the sun shining through a window.

“This is very dangerous Shaun can we please go home?”

“Fine!” shouted Shaun. Stomping back through the woods there was mud lots and lots of it. When suddenly, there was a ditch that neither of them saw.

“Help, help!” screamed Lucy.

“What’s wrong?” shouted Shaun, as he turned around and saw Lucy stuck in mud all the way up to her chest. Slowly she started to sink; the mud was getting closer and closer to her chin.

“Somebody, anybody help, my cousin is stuck!”

“Help I am sinking!” Shaun turned around and Lucy had disappeared.

“Boo,” laughed Lucy.

“I thought you were gone!” said Shaun.

Imanii Whyte, Year 6, Blenheim Primary School

The mist was as pale green as a zombie’s skin, withering around the two children, as they shivered with fear. It all gathered back to the centre of the trees, and suddenly, appearing from the ground, was a maiden, with green skin, fiery red hair and eyes of neon yellow.

“I am Agony, queen of the Underworld, and you two creatures are trespassing. The penalty is to work for me until 100 years have passed,” she cackled as the earth tumbled into chaos.

The ground below them vanished as they fell into cells made of dried and stretched pumpkin seeds. All around them were huge creatures, with bright orange stripes. One came over to Shawn and Lucy, picked them up and hung them from a rope.

This rope was hanging over a huge pot. As the rope lowered, the thick broth touched the tip of their toes. They were doomed.