Limited edition Marvel comic designs now on sale in Leeds

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Comic book fans in Leeds will need superhuman powers to get their hands on deluxe prints signed by industry legend Stan Lee.

The Marvel Superheroes deluxe editions collection is currently on display at Castle Fine Art on Albion Place.

The collection of ten prints features characters such as Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America and designs date from the 1960s to the present day.

But fans may have to raid their piggy banks to purchase them.

Prints are priced at £2,950 but some have already sold out.

Each piece of artwork is individually hand-signed by Lee, 94, who is credited with introducing complex characters with both light and dark qualities to the industry.

This type of characterisation had rarely been seen in comics before, contributing to Marvel’s widespread success as one of the most popular brands in the world today.

Roy Pritchard, Gallery Manager for Castle Fine Art, said: “With comic book sales increasing year on year, and the success of film adaptations at the box office, it’s no surprise that our Superheroes collections have proved some of the company’s most popular to date.

“Marvel has had a huge impact on popular culture.

“I think we can all relate to its very human characters in some way.

“This collection will appeal to both art collectors and superhero fans alike.

“It gives them the chance to own a slice of comic book history.”

The new Marvel ‘Superheroes collection will be available to buy and view until Sunday, April 9.