Letters: floods, Royal Mail and £20m Leeds city station entrance - YEP readers have their say

New entrance to Leeds Railway Station.'1st January 2016.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe
New entrance to Leeds Railway Station.'1st January 2016.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe
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Flood defences, Royal Mail and the city’s new £20m Leeds city station entrance were just some of the topics our YEP readers wrote to us about this week.

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Coun Robert Finnigan, Morley Borough Independent

The horrendous impact of flooding across Great Britain and specifically across Yorkshire deserves some serious analysis to confirm how we have ended up in this situation.

It is clear that previous Governments, Labour, the Coalition and the present Tory Government have failed to adequately finance flood defences and only ever react to the problem after it has devastated people’s lives while blaming each other for previous failings.

What can be done to resolve such problems and where can the money be found?

It’s clear that building on green field sites creates the environment that contributes to additional flooding as green fields are concreted over to build new executive style housing.

Building on flood plains also contributes to the problem.


Don’t build on flood prone land

Mike Lowry, Cookridge

Tragedies unfold each day for those whose lives are affected by flooding.

In time payment for the damage will come from increasing insurance premiums of all householders, and from those who pay local authority rates.

The only beneficiaries of this carnage will be contractors who are employed to rectify the damage.

There is a continued willingness of council planners to consent to new housing on known flood prone areas such as Moseley Wood (Soggy) Bottom in Cookridge, which would end up as further disaster for future householders and rate payers.

It’s time to call a halt to allowing building on known flood prone land.

Mail: Appeal to logical thinking

Derek Goodman, by email

As someone who used to deliver parcels and packets for Royal Mail at one time, let me put Ann Squires’ worries ‘to bed’ (YEP Letters December 22). In all my time I have never heard of a rule that says we could not use doorbells, or any other legitimate way to attract the attention of customers so a delivery could be made.

I did however note that up to 40 per cent of doorbells did not work or could not be heard. So my strategy was to ring the bell and knock on the door.

Because there are 27 million delivery addresses in the UK and everyone has a different take, I have had the following statements made. “Bit pushy/rushy ain’t you? No need to do the bell and the door”, “Well done you realised the doorbell didn’t work” (no I didn’t!), “You should have realised the doorbell didn’t work” (how?).

Let me appeal to logical thinking, when I loaded my van in the morning mine and my colleagues main aim in life was to deliver as many as possible on the first ‘sweep’.

Walking endlessly round neighbours who weren’t in or refused to take it because they didn’t get on with them, and then spending time filling in cards was a total waste of my time.


It’s a great entrance – if you can find it!

Andrew Cotton, by email

Fantastic that the long awaited new south entrance at Leeds train station has finally opened. It is no doubt going to ease public congestion within the station itself and help the public who use bus services with stops nearby.

The only issue I can see is how do you get to this entrance? There are no signs or sign posts anywhere under the tunnel adjacent to the Hilton Hotel, or the side streets leading off it, such as Granary Wharf, Little Neville street, etc.

There are a handful of A4 size paper posters stuck to the odd wall with masking tape in and around Leeds station (when I say a handful, I only saw three, one of which was ripped in half). These so called posters only state the new entrance is open and can be accessed from Holbeck Urban Village and Granary Wharf. For people who don’t know Leeds centre that well and only know the usual routes they walk to and from Leeds station then they have no idea how to use this new entrance.

Today, I was walking from my bus stop at Asda House to the train station, walking past the Hilton Hotel, through the tunnel and saw no signage regarding this new entrance. There were a few people with suitcases walking in the same direction as me heading to the station. These people didn’t know anything about the new entrance . So I am pleased for this new entrance and can see the benefits it will have, but if the public are not fully aware of it and don’t know how to access it then it is clearly a waste of money.


Money not well spent

Johnny Abraham, by Facebook

It looks like it’s been modelled on something Daft Punk would wear! It doesn’t fit in with anything at the station or its surroundings at all.

I think £20m could have been put to better use in Leeds, that said, it is a good link to the “digital quarter” and what will no doubt be a growth area for Leeds.