‘Let’s end the stealth tax at the fuel pump’

FILLING UP: MP Peter Aldous has called for greater transparency on fuel duty at the pumps.
FILLING UP: MP Peter Aldous has called for greater transparency on fuel duty at the pumps.
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An MP has called for all taxes to be clearly shown on fuel receipts.

Last Wednesday Peter Aldous introduced a ten-minute rule bill in the House of Commons to shine a light on the stealth taxes at the petrol pump.

The bill, initiated by FairfuelUK, has support from MPs from all Parties, 1.4m of the public, and motoring bodies like the RAC and the Road Haulage Association.

Mr Aldous, who represents the Waveney constituency in Suffolk, said: “As a Conservative politician, I am an inveterate supporter of a low tax economy. Yet, UK Governments of all persuasions have for decades presided over one of the most punitive and highly regressive taxes in the world by stealth: fuel duty! It’s time to be open and honest with our constituents to show how much drivers hugely contribute to public services and our economy. This is morally right.”

Since 2011 the Treasury listened to the FairFuelUK campaign who proved that the level of fuel duty impacts on the success of our economy, new jobs, rates of inflation, small and medium sized business investment and consumer spending.

A spokesman for the campaign said: “The continuing freeze in the ‘still very high’ duty under this Government is welcomed by millions of drivers and business throughout the nation.

“But UK drivers continue to pay the highest fuel duty for diesel and the fifth utmost for petrol in the world.

“As a responsible Government, the Tory Administration has a clear obligation to be open with UK drivers regarding taxes. 90 per cent of all journeys are by road. 70 per cent of drivers have no choice but to use their vehicle for work, driving to places of education, visiting hospitals and for social interaction.”

FairFuelUK carried out two polls amongst their 1.4 million followers that showed over 98 per cent of drivers and small businesses want all fuel taxes to be clearly shown on receipts.


A new APP called PumpWatch will show VAT, Fuel Duty and VAT on the duty, each time drivers fill-up.

It will be launched by FairFuelUK in partnership with the ten-minute rule bill calling for all taxes to be displayed in detail on fuel receipts.

Drivers can enter details of their fill-ups into the APP on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

It will also show how much drivers would pay for their same number of litres purchased in 23 other counties worldwide, plus the APP will display current profit levels made by the fuel supply chain. For more information see www.fairfueluk.com.