Lego: childhood memories are made of this!

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many a blissful hour has been spent by generations of youngsters building the blocks of childhood memories while constructing magical empires and futuristic machines with Lego.

And this half-term grown-ups across Leeds have been revelling in childhood nostalgia while treating their own children to a day out at the cinema, by taking them to see ‘block-buster’ The Lego Movie.

To get the Lego latest from the youngsters of Leeds and their parents we went up the the Everyman Cinema at Trinity Shopping Centre to speak to some cinema-goers after a showing of the film.

Dylan Pitts, ten, of Leeds, said: “It’s epic – brilliant!

“It was very funny and there was lots of action.”

Ellie Carroll, ten, of Leeds, agreed, she said: “It’s really exciting, I haven’t got a favourite bit because I liked it all.”

But the enthusiam didn’t stop at with the children, Joanne Burrows, who took her son Milo to see the movie, said she is also partial to playing with the plastic blocks, adding: “There’s always a bit of competition at Christmas about who gets to ‘help’ build it.”

And Emma and Jon Plows, also from Leeds, said it was great for autistic boys Reuben and Noah.

“It’s the simplicity of the faces which appeal to them,” said Emma, adding: “LEGO has also been great at keeping up to date with things like Harry Potter or Star Wars so it’s always been fresh and different.”

The film is showing at cinemas across Leeds until the end of the month.

PIC: Simon Hulme

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