Leeds: World Cup fever lures gamblers to machines

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FRESH FEARS have been voiced over the dangers of gaming machines in light of research into World Cup betting habits.

Hundreds of adults from across the region have admitted they would be more likely to use a fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) during a major sporting tournament like Brazil 2014.

Of the 500 Yorkshire residents surveyed, all of whom 
have gambled on sports events in the past, more than a third 
said the temptation to use the highly-addictive machines was greater.

Meanwhile, 40 per cent of respondents said they had used an FOBT after betting on a sporting tournament.

The news comes just months after it was revealed that Leeds is Yorkshire’s gambling hotspot. Last year alone, £16million was lost on FOBTs.

Adrian Parkinson, a former employee of a UK betting agent now part of the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, said: “These machines are causing serious problems.

“I was watching these guys spending £2 for bets over the counter, but once they get to the machines they completely change.”

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