Leeds woods murder accused: ‘I though he had just to scare him.’

Colin Pierre.
Colin Pierre.
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A MAN on trial for murder blamed his co-accused for a fatal shooting in a Leeds woodland.

Ian Wilson told a jury how Anthony Micah Pyke ordered a group of men into woods in the middle of the night before discharging the weapon.

A murder trial has heard how Colin Pierre, 31, bled to death after being shot in the leg and left to die in Gledhow Valley Woods on March 11 this year.

The prosecution allege Mr Pierre was shot as a punishment meted out by Pyke for crossing him over a drug deal

Pyke, 32, of Gordon Terrace, Meanwood, Ian Wilson, 37, and Trevor Isles, 49, both of Highfield Green, Pudsey, are on trial where they plead not guilty to murder and two offences of kidnapping.

The prosecution claim Wilson and Isles both worked for Pyke and were responsible for collecting Mr Pierre from a house in Morley before delivering him to Pyke.

Giving evidence yesterday, Wilson described how Pyke drove Isles’s Ford Fiesta to a car park near to the woods. Wilson said one of Pyke’s associates, an unknown black man, was in the driving seat and Isles and himself were on the back seat, either side of Mr Pierre.

Wilson said a sixth man, a friend of Mr Pierre’s, had been forced to get into the boot.

Wilson said Pyke ordered them all to go into the woods. He described how he saw Pyke hit Mr Pierre with the butt of the weapon shortly before firing it.

Wilson’s barrister, Andrew Stubbs, QC, asked what happened next. Wilson replied: “He just pulled it to the side and pulled the trigger.”

Mr Stubbs asked: “Was that the first time you had seen the gun?” Wilson replied: “Yes. I assumed it was a gun because I had seen the shape then I heard the bang and realised it was a gun.”

The barrister then asked: “Did you see what had happened to Mr Pierre?” Wilson said: “I thought he had run out of view.”

Mr Stubbs asked: “Did you know whether he had been hit?” Wilson said: “No.”

Wilson told the jury he ran back to the car after hearing the shot and was joined by the other men soon after.

He said the car was driven a short distance away before Mr Pierre’s friend was told to get out of the car. Wilson said he and Isles were ordered by Pyke to hand over their mobile phones to him before they were allowed to leave.

Mr Stubbs asked: “What did you think had happened at that stage?” Wilson replied: “Nothing. I thought that he had just shot to scare him.”

Mr Stubbs continued: “Did you know how serious things were.” He replied: “No.”

The court has heard Mr Pierre’s body was found in a stream the following morning by a 16-year-old boy on his way to school. The trial continues.

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