Leeds woman celebrates 106th birthday

Fish and chips as often as possible are on the menu for 106-year-old Selina Kellett.

The oldest woman in Leeds, and one of the oldest in Britain, the remarkable Mrs Kellett still lives alone.

"I don't drink or smoke but I do like fish and chips. I also use Nivea cream every day," she said, patting her cheek.

Mrs Kellett, of Middleton, has daily help with household tasks and her meals.

The former tailoress, who still alters her own clothes, celebrated her birthday with friends at a lunch party at the Evangelical Church in Beeston.

She also had a visit at home from the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor James McKenna, her sixth birthday card from the Queen, and a letter from MP Iain Duncan Smith from the Department of Work and Pensions.

She has two grandchildren, five great-granddaughters and four great-great-grandchildren.

Mrs Kellett's only child Mavis Fear, 80, said her mother kept in very good health.

She said: "She had a fall last year and broke her hip, but apart from

that, she is great.

"She takes one tablet a day, for a thyroid problem."

Mrs Kellett's memory is "sharp as a pin" say her family. Born in Hunslet Carr in 1905, she can recall her childhood days from the early 1900s in Leeds: "I remember World War I, which happened when I was eight.

"It was a hard time with the blackouts, the bombs and the sugar and butter was rationed."

Next week Mrs Kellett is visiting a school in Belle Isle to give a talk to pupils about her early memories from the war, childhood in Leeds and work as a tailoress.

Mrs Kellett's niece Winnie Tillotson added: "She really is remarkable.

"We take her out for fish and chips as often as possible, which she really enjoys."

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