Leeds: ‘Woman bled to death after knife attack to her leg’

Court story
Court story
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A young woman bled to death after being stabbed through her thigh by her violent partner, a jury was told.

While Asma Begum lay dying, Aseeb Rahman threw the kitchen knife he had used out of a window and claimed someone had tried to burgle the flat in Thorn Crescent, Gipton, Leeds, Paul Greaney QC, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court.

The court heard Rahman suggested an intruder was to blame during a 999 call he made after the alleged attack.

Mr Greaney said: “That was quite a deliberate lie by him, there had been no such burglar.

“Aseeb Rahman told that lie because he wanted to avoid the consequences of what he had done.”

Mr Greaney told the jury it was the prosecution’s understanding that Rahman no longer pursued that account but would now claim he had picked up the knife in self-defence fearing his partner would use it on him and “in the course of a heated argument she fell on the knife”.'

He said Rahman would claim it was an accident and that he had not intended Miss Begum any really serious harm.

The prosecutor said: “This was no accident and was not the result of the defendant seeking to defend himself, it was the continuation and the culmination of a period of domestic violence by Aseeb Rahman towards Asma Begum.”

Rahman, 24, denies the murder of Miss Begum, 21, on June 20 this year. The jury heard Miss Begum was alive when paramedics arrived at the flat on the evening of June 19 but could not be saved despite surgery and died in hospital the next day.

Mr Greaney said it was an “on-off” relationship between the couple with Miss Begum having claimed to other people he had been violent towards her but she said she still loved him.

On the night of June 19 she sent a critical text to him about his drinking while he was out looking for a party. Rahman turned up at a flat in Harehills, Leeds, uninvited and when he was told to get out responded with violence assaulting two teenage girls before he left.

Mr Greaney suggested he then walked the half mile to the flat in Thorn Crescent “wound up” and probably in drink.

Within minutes of his arrival he had not only allegedly stabbed Miss Rahman but given her a beating, since she was also found to have to have a black eye, he said.


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