Leeds weather forecast: This is when heavy rain is set to hit Leeds today

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The weather in Leeds is set to be a mixed bag today as forecasters predict cloud, rain and small spells of sunshine throughout the day.

What will the weather be like this morning in Leeds?

This morning is set to be overcast, with temperatures reaching 14C by lunchtime. Heavy rain is set to hit at around 11am, but is set to eas before lunchtime.

What will the weather be like this afternoon in Leeds?

Early afternoon is set to be cloudy, with the sun then making an appearance at around 1pm. However, light showers are set to hit at 3pm, before it then becomes overcast again. The temperature will increase slightly to 15C.

What will the weather be like this evening and tonight in Leeds?

Early evening will be continue to be overcast, with light showers returning from 8pm onward. Temperatures will begin to dip after 9pm.

What will the weather be like tomorrow in Leeds?

Tomorrow is set to see rain continuously throughout the day tomorrow, with a maximum temperature of 14C.

What is the long-term forecast for Leeds?

The rest of this week will see cloudy skies and temperatures ranging between 9-12C.Saturday is set to see heavy rain continuously throughout the day, with temperatures dropping to 9C.

Sunday will be slightly warmer at 12C, with cloud forecast throughout the day.

According to the Met Office, the weather in the second half of October looks likely to be on the wet and windy side, though drier and brighter interludes are likely too.

Gales are possible at times, particularly in the northwest.Temperatures will probably be generally colder than average by then, but with some short-lived milder interludes at times.