Leeds: ‘We have to move on from being 70s motorway city’

Artists impression of the new south entrance to Leeds Station when it has been completed.
Artists impression of the new south entrance to Leeds Station when it has been completed.
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Ambitious plans could see the number of people using Leeds train station rise by nearly 50 PER CENT, according to transport bosses.

Nearly 27 million passengers pass through the centre of the city every year but predictions could see that figure soar to over 40 MILLION.

Transport chiefs told the Yorkshire Evening Post today that Leeds could become the biggest transport hub outside London for local and national services.

The news comes just days after plans were unveiled for a new high speed rail line which could see the travel time from Leeds to Manchester slashed by 26 minutes.

Transport chiefs said Leeds has got move on from being the “motorway city of the 70s” in a bid to boost its public transport network.

Councillor James Lewis, chairman of West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s transport committee, told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “Transport is a means to an end and it supports the growth of a city and an economy.

“Forty years ago Leeds wanted to be the motorway city of the 70s.

“Leeds as a transport hub will be the biggest in the north of England for local and national services.

“There are 27 million passengers a year at Leeds Station and that will climb.

“We could potentially look at 40 million passengers a year coming through Leeds.

“I think that is great for Leeds and it will be a real boost.

“Our ambitions for the next 20 years will set Leeds against any other big cities in England.”

Councillor Lewis said questions would also need to be asked about the suitability of the city’s bus station’s location as part of plans to create the “transport hub”.

He added: “The centre of Leeds will be the biggest transport hub outside London with links to West Yorkshire’s bus network and cycling schemes.

“I think the high speed link across the north of England will bring a real appetite for travel to rise.

“It shows that we have got that long term vision to improve transport in Leeds and Leeds city centre.”

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