Leeds United: It’s time to honour hero Albert Johanneson

Leeds United fan Paul Eubanks, is calling for a tribute to Albert Johanneson.
Leeds United fan Paul Eubanks, is calling for a tribute to Albert Johanneson.
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Today is 50 years to the day (May 1) since Leeds United star Albert Johanneson became the first black player to appear in the FA Cup Final.

It was May 1, 1965 when the South African born player ran onto the pitch at Wembley, making sporting history.

Albert Johanneson.

Albert Johanneson.

He played for Leeds from 1961 until 1970.

Now, former education worker turned author Paul Eubanks is writing a book on the fans’ favourite, due to be published later this year.

And he is calling for 
LUFC and city council chiefs 
to honour Johanneson’s 
efforts and the part he played for the club’s success in the 1960s.

“I am upset that Albert’s place in sporting history has not been recognised,” Paul explained.

“His achievements for the city of Leeds have never been acknowledged.

“I am thinking he could be honoured with a statue, a stand named after him, or a street.”

Previously Paul has called for a Blue Plaque to be installed and has been in discussion with Leeds Civic Trust, but a location has not been found as yet. Paul added: “The honour is long overdue. He is still a role model to many. I urge LUFC to think about honouring him to mark the 50 years.”

Changing rooms at the Chapeltown Youth Development Trust were named after Albert when they opened last year.

A spokesman for Leeds United said: “As a club we are very proud of what Albert Johanneson achieved during his time at Leeds United.

“Albert was the first black footballer to appear in a Wembley FA Cup final and he also played a key part in our promotion from the old second division in 1964.

“Albert’s name is still regarded very highly by Leeds United supporters and his contribution to the club won’t be forgotten.”