Leeds United cult hero Vinnie Jones is game for a laugh in new advert

Vinnie Jones in a still from the new advert.
Vinnie Jones in a still from the new advert.
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His ferocious challenges were no laughing matter during his Leeds United days but here’s a side of Vinnie Jones that should put a smile on everyone’s faces.

United cult hero Vinnie has become the latest celebrity to send up their public image in the National Lottery’s Please Not Them advertising campaign.

In its new TV advert – filmed in behind-the-scenes documentary style – hardman Vinnie says he would use a Lotto win to fund his idea for the Agro-Tron, an electricity-generating machine running on rage.

The ad kicks off with him telling viewers: “They used to say ‘don’t get mad, get even’. I say ‘don’t get mad, get even madder’.”

Other hilarious scenes see him testing a prototype Agro-Tron in his greenhouse before demonstrating it to a pair of bemused Chinese businessmen.

The ad ends with Vinnie declaring: “Some people don’t get it but I think it’s pretty common for genius to be misunderstood. Look at Gandhi.”

A voiceover then says: “Now there are two chances to become a millionaire in every Lotto draw. Please, don’t let it be him.”

Other famous faces who have poked fun at their ‘love-them-or-hate-them’ images for the campaign include Piers Morgan, Katie Price and Noel Edmonds.

Like Vinnie, their adverts show them coming up with bizarre vanity projects that they hope to finance by winning the Lotto.

Vinnie is still revered at Elland Road thanks to his part in the club’s legendary promotion campaign of 1989-90.

Since hanging up his boots he has carved out a new career as a Hollywood actor.