Leeds: Turn back time with ‘1963’ event at festival

The Beatles.
The Beatles.
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It was an important and pivotal year for many people.

It was the year of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Profumo Affair, the Beatles’ first album and the Great Train Robbery.

And now the Ilkley Summer Festival in Leeds has named one of its flagship events after the era.

The ‘Summer of ’63’ event aims to be a trip down Memory Lane for residents.

The festival’s managing director Anne Hawkesworth came up with the idea whilst working as an extra on the BBC’s film of the Great Train Robbery in Leeds.

She said: “Whilst the filming was taking place I remembered the stir the robbery created in 1963, and whilst waiting in the long gaps between takes, I began to remember all the other things that happened in that year.

“I thought, ‘it’s 50 years ago but if I can remember them, there must be lots more who can, so let’s have a festival event about it.’

“What we’ve arranged at the King’s Hall in Ilkley on August 2 is a reception followed by supper, during which guest John Thirlwell will tell the story of 1963 with the help of newsreel clips.

“The evening will continue with the Sound of the Sixties live from The Pepper Hearts and music from our DJ.

“I’m sure it will be a wonderful chance for people to remember that never to be forgotten year as it was, or if they were not yet there, as their parents told them it was.”

Tickets, which include a canapé reception and supper, cost £30.

They are available from the Visitor Information Centre on Station Road in Ilkley by calling 01943 602 319.

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