Leeds thief used sister act to trick police

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A THIEF caused her sister to have a criminal record when she gave false details after she was caught stealing from a Tesco store.

A court heard Jodie Mellor pretended to be her sister, Kirsty, after she was arrested for stealing groceries.

Mellor’s sister, who works as a nurse and has never been in trouble with police, had a criminal record for the next 18 months until the deception came to light when her sibling was arrested again. Leeds Crown Court heard Mellor was initially arrested at the store in Bramley Shopping Centre in December 2013 and was dealt with by way of a ‘community resolution’ which banned her from the store

Mellor returned to the store in May this year and was again caught stealing groceries.

Mellor again gave her sister’s name and details to police and was allowed to leave. Officers went to her sister’s home later that day.

Philiip Adams, prosecuting, said: “According to the officers she was extremely upset and started crying. She immediately suspected her sister was responsible for providing her details.”

Mellor, of Sandford Road, Kirkstall, was arrested and pleaded guilty to two offences of perverting justice and two of theft.

The court heard that Mellor’s sister could have lost her job if the offence had come to the attention of her employer.

Mellor was given a 12 month sentence, suspended for 12 months, and was made the subject of a drug rehabilitation requirement.

Judge Sally Cahill, QC, told Mellor: “This offending on your part was particularly mean.

“Your sister is a lady of good character and a nurse and she, without any knowledge on her part, had a criminal record because you went out shoplifting and gave her details.

“Apart from the enormous breach of trust of sister on sister, she could have been out of a job. It is one of the meanest things a sister could possibly do.”