Leeds tenants’ tales of disputes with landlord

BINDING: Relationships between tenant and landlord can come under pressure.
BINDING: Relationships between tenant and landlord can come under pressure.

A new study has revealed the main reasons Leeds tenants call their landlords to complain - and what some of the strangest requests have been.

The report, by West Yorkshire based Lightbulbs Direct, reveals the shocking truth behind landlord and tenant disputes, with almost half (45 per cent) of Leeds tenants admitting that they have fallen out or argued with their landlord in the past.

Some 92 per cent of renters in Leeds would consider moving out of a property if they didn’t have a good relationship with their landlord, while a quarter of the people surveyed don’t think that their landlords are approachable.

Some of the most common reasons to call the landlords were:

21 per cent thinking it is fine to report noisy neighbours;

34 per cent to tell them about overgrowing trees and plants;

75 per cent of people surveyed in Leeds believing that calling their landlord to report damaged windows is also an appropriate reason.

Some of the more ‘unusual’ requests have included the following:

asking for permission to hang photos or wall art (22 per cent);

having a dirty house (37 per cent);

limited parking (18 per cent);

a blocked toilet (35 per cent).

David Tetlow, Ecommerce Manager at Lightbulbs Direct, said: “Discovering the perfect property is often hard to find. When it comes to renting, it’s easy to be persuaded by your dream home but finding out who your landlord is before you sign a tenancy agreement is extremely important and will help you to understand how approachable they’re going to be in a crisis. You should always take the time to research and understand your rights as a tenant and your landlord’s rights to avoid any difficult situations in the future too.”