Leeds: Ten noise nuisance complaints reported a day

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Blaring television sets, booming stereo systems and raving house parties have been driving us to distraction in 2010.

And the louder the decibels the more vociferous the complaints pouring into the noise authorities.

More than 3,000 complaints about noise nuisance have been rung into Leeds City Council's noise team in the last 12 months, including everything from barking dogs and car and burglar alarms to drunken late night revellers shouting in the street.

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The city centre and Hunslet had the worst night time noise record with 291 complaints made in 12 months, closely followed by Hyde Park & Woodhouse with 275 incidents and Headingley with 270.

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Residents living in Burmantofts & Richmond Hill also had a sleep-deprived year with 231 complaints about excessive noise logged at night time.

In 2009, 768 noise complaints were made by those living in the Hyde Park & Woodhouse and Headingley areas.

Student house parties remain the number one noise complaint among neighbours, said local community campaigner Sue Buckle.

She has lived in Hyde Park for more than 40 years, and said that the figures were probably an under-estimation.

Sue said: "A lot of people I know don't report noise problems because if it's a very busy night like Bonfire Night they know that they won't be able to get through to the noise team as they will be too busy, or they don't want to have to wait up for them to arrive.

"Noise nuisance can only take the most thorough action if they come into your house and listen to the noise themselves."

She added: "We hand out leaflets every year and try talking to people and make them realise that where they live is home to young professionals, families, elderly couples and fellow students who don't actually want to stay up all night."

Councillors in Headingley are also trying to tackle noise, with a quiet zone currently being piloted at Devonshire Hall and James Baillie halls of residences.

The most peaceful place to live in Leeds in 2010 was Harewood (24 complaints).

The Leeds noise nuisance team are on 0113 222 4406.

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