Leeds teenager’s escape after car ordeal

police tape
police tape
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A teenage girl ran into on-coming traffic to escape a man who tried to coax her into his car.

Lauren Raynor-Dixon, 18, a student at Leeds University, was walking along Swincar Avenue, in Yeadon, when a man pulled over and asked her to get into his blue Ford Fiesta.

He grabbed my arms really forcefully and there was a struggle. It was terrifying.

Lauren ran into the road and narrowly avoided being hit by an on-coming car in a bid to flee the man on Sunday evening.

She said: “The man told me he needed help, so I went over to see what he wanted.

“But that was a mistake because I had opened up communication.”

The man asked Lauren to get in his car, but she refused and began to walk away, prompting him to drive after her and try to pull her into the vehicle.

Lauren said: “He grabbed my arm really forcefully, and there was a struggle, but I managed to pull my coat out of his grip. It was terrifying.

“My heart was in my mouth.”

The teenager said she had to flee into on-coming traffic in a bid to escape.

Lauren added: “The car had to slam its brakes on and nearly hit me.

“It was so close my hands touched the bonnet.

“I’m trying not to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t got away.

“When I got to my house, I just cried.

“My partner had to come with me to the end of the drive this morning, because I’m scared to go outside the house.”

The attacker is described as being an Asian male in his late twenties, who was wearing jeans, trainers and a navy and grey zip-up jacket.

He was driving a blue Ford Fiesta with 07 licence plates.

A spokesperson for the West Yorkshire Police said enquiries are on-going. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.