Leeds teenager locked up over police chase crash

Gang jailed after conning elderly people
Gang jailed after conning elderly people

A teenager who injured two drivers when he lost control of his car during a police chase through Leeds has been locked up for ten months.

Darnell Niles was caught by a police dog after he fled the incident which took place close to the A64 York Road flyover in the Quarry Hill area of Leeds on June 29 this year.

Leeds Crown Court heard a police officer signalled for Niles to pull over when they saw him driving his Nissan Micra at over 50mph in a 30mph area on Beckett Street.

Niles sped off and reached up to 70mph as he drove past St James’s Hospital.

He drove over a speed bump so fast that all four wheels of his vehicle went into the air.

Niles then went through traffic lights on Nippet Lane into the wrong carriageway. Other drivers had to take evasive action to avoid a head-on collision.

Officers ended the pursuit because Niles was driving so dangerously as he approached the busy A64 flyover area.

He lost control of the car and collided with a Vauxhall Astra and Honda Civic.

A court heard the airbags were deployed in both vehicles and the drivers suffered minor injuries.

The Astra had to be written off due to the extensive damage following the side-on impact,

Niles fled on foot but was caught by a police dog after he was heard rustling in bushes nearby. Niles only had a provisional licence at the time of the incident.

Niles, of Roundhay View, Chapeltown, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, having no insurance and no licence.

Keith Byrne, mitigating, said his client remembered little about the incident.

Sentencing Niles, judge Penelope Belcher said: “You didn’t even stay to face the music.”

“It is luck, rather than anything else, that there were only minor injuries.

“Only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate.”