Leeds student housing agency launches ‘uni stereotypes’ quiz

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Which student stereotype fits your personality?

A Leeds-based lettings agency has launched a fun quiz as a new generation of freshers arrive in the city for the start of the university year.

Parkland Properties, who have offices in Headingley, have based their ‘stereotypes’ survey on a retro flow chart similar to those found in teen magazines.

Students can answer questions to discover whether they are a sports jock, a partygoer, a Big Name On Campus, a tech geek, an academic, an activist or the ‘mum’ of their halls of residence. They may even find themselves classed as the dreaded ‘gap yah’ - shorthand for a well-travelled and wealthy teenager who can’t stop talking about their experiences abroad.

The agency is also hoping the quiz will appeal to graduates and alumni of all ages, as many of the stereotypes are timeless cliches.

Researchers spoke to students who said they would be able to place their fellow undergraduates into categories such as sporty, arty or musical based on their dress sense and behaviour.

Parkland Properties have been renting houses to Leeds students since 1977.

Take the quiz at https://www.parklaneproperties.com/blog/what-student-stereotype-are-you/