Leeds star Jimmy Savile’s DNA does not match any historical major crimes

Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile
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Jimmy Savile’s DNA has been checked for any matches against historical major crimes by Scotland Yard detectives

After his relatives in Leeds gave permission to use his stored DNA for testing against major crimes - including murders, burglaries and sex assaults - the test results have come back negative.

A relative of the television star had to sign legal documents during a visit to Leeds by the London officers.

A spokesman for New Scotland Yard said: “We can confirm that a DNA search was conducted against outstanding and unidentified DNA samples. The search, which was speculative, has now been completed and, there were no matches.

“The search was done with the permission of a family representative and they have been advised of the result.”

A family spokeswoman said: “We gave consent for Jimmy’s DNA to be checked and have been awaiting the results. We have tried to be as helpful as possible in the circumstances. We are relieved to hear that the DNA does not match any of the historic crimes, as we expected.”

DNA was originally taken for use in connection with alleged love child Georgina Ray, who had demanded a DNA check. It came back negative.

Historical crimes the star had been linked to after his death included a connection to a Yorkshire ripper victim whose body was found near to his Leeds flat.

Jimmy Savile’s relatives and friends say they have endured a tortuous 18 months since the scandal broke.

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