Leeds Solicitor is stepping down after 60 years

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The longest-serving solicitor in Leeds has finally retired from his role after 60 years in the industry.

Dedicated solicitor Ronald Teeman, 82, has been involved in several high-profile cases and dealt with many famous sportsmen over the years.

Mr Teeman, of Roundhay, stepped down from his job at Leeds-based Ford and Warren on Wednesday.

His most famous court cases include the Billy Bremner libel suit against the Sunday People, which resulted in record libel damages.

He was also involved in John Giles’ successful suing for his portrayal in the film The Damned United, as well as the Leeds police trial surrounding the death of David Oluwale which, decades after the event, is still being talked about.

Mr Teeman said: “I have enjoyed every minute of it.

“I loved the interaction with people and standing up for the issues they faced.

“I shall miss the people that I met.

“A lot of people I’ve met as clients but have stayed as friends.”

Mr Teeman’s knowledge of EEC law enabled him to negotiate deals with Italian football clubs for the likes of Liam Brady and Joe Jordan amongst other well-known players.

Speaking about his greatest achievement, he said: “The Oluwale case was one of the most famous cases in UK history.

“There has been a play, a radio play and a very famous book about it and it was very interesting for me to be a part of such an important piece of social history.”

Mr Teeman has previously written a book called A Lawyer for all Seasons and added: “I’ve definitely got one more book in me.”


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