Leeds shops hit by sales rage

With New Year sales in top gear, the phenomenon of 'shoppers rage' is sweeping across shops in Leeds.

Research has revealed that shoppers are doing a lot more than just murmuring a 'tut' under their breath as they scramble for those bargain goods.

As many as one in three people from Leeds have admitted using physical force or shouted abuse at shop assistants or fellow consumers as stress levels rise during Christmas shopping.

More than a third admitted to storming out of a shop when things got too much in queues, with one in four admitting to losing their temper over what they regarded later as an insignificant incident.

The survey, also found that the most annoying experience of shoppers in Leeds is people being rude and impatient (30 per cent). The next most annoying things are people pushing in front of you (27 per cent) and long queues at the tills (27 per cent).

Shopping Rage Tips, Don't leave it to the last minute, try shopping during the quieter periods of the day, if you and another customer rushes to join the queue, or a newly opened till, let them go ahead, if someone annoys you, take deep breaths and count to ten and try to ensure you have enough time and avioid shopping in the lunch break.


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