Leeds shoppers throw punches at Donald Trump

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A woman dealt Donald Trump a knockout blow with her handbag in Leeds yesterday.

City centre store Predator Nutrition set up a punchbag dressed as the US president and invited shoppers to let rip.

A crowd gathered to throw punches at the replica, with one middle-aged woman even using her handbag to deliver the blow.

Several passers-by hit the Trumpbag so hard it ended up on the floor - but around one in 10 chose to kiss him instead.

The sports nutrition store pulled the stunt in support of its American product suppliers.

Reggie Johal from the store said:

“We stock a lot of exclusive American products so we have an affinity for the US and follow the scene over there. We thought it would be fun to test the public’s opinion about Donald Trump by inviting them to express their feelings in the most direct way possible – punch him or kiss him.

“It was a fun event and a lot of people got involved. Their comments were largely positive about Mr Trump although if actions speak louder than words people were certainly more willing to thump him in the face than kiss him on the cheek.

“The event was a huge success and we are now looking into the possibility of recreating it with Kim Jong-un.”