Leeds shop sinks its teeth into pasty ruling opportunity

The Pudsey Pasty
The Pudsey Pasty
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An award-winning Pudsey based butcher has invented a new delicacy to put his home town on the gourmet map.

Steve Martin, who owns Bentley’s butchers in the town, has created the ‘Pudsey Pasty’ in a bid to make the most of a European Commission ruling which states that only pasties made in the county of Cornwall can be given the official name’Cornish Pasty’.

“Cornish Pasties have been a popular seller for years,” said Mr Martin, 54. “So I set about creating our own unique Pudsey Pasty. It differs from a Cornish in a number of ways. For a start it’s a different shape. According to the Cornish Pasty Appreciation Society, a true Cornish is ‘D’ shaped. The Pudsey Pasty is more along the lines of a small calzone pizza.

The European ruling originated in 2011 when the Cornish pasty was given protected geographical status to help “protect the designation of origin”, meaning pasty products made elsewhere have had to find a new name. For Steve and his 21 strong team at Bentley’s, this was an opportunity to create a new pasty.

He said: “The ingredients of a Cornish must include mince or chunks of beef, swede, onion and seasoning.

“The Pudsey Pasty contains the finest locally sourced beef, carrots, spuds and our own special selected ingredient peas, which of course reflects the initials of its name- the Pudsey Pasty.”

Bentley’s has been operating for over two decades in Pudsey, with its meat products regularly winning awards.

Mr Martin and his team were named Great Northern Pork Pie and Sausage Products Supreme Champions in 2010 and 2011, getting first place in both their separate supreme thick pork sausage and supreme pork pies categories.

More recently their Scotch Eggs were winners at the Great Northern Pork Pie Competition held at Skipton Auction Mart and the business also recently won a silver medal for its venison and port sausage from the Yorkshire Agricultural Society countryside live event.

“What with the arrival of the Tour de France later this year, I thought it was about time we added another great Yorkshire delicacy to impress the French,” said Mr Martin, who is currently president of the Yorkshire Confederation of Master Butchers.

He added: “As far as possible we use locally sourced ingredients to ensure that our pasty is born and bred in Pudsey.

“Who knows, in a few years’ time we might have to apply for our own protected status.”

Other products which have been given protected origin status include Feta cheese and Melton Mowbray pork pies.

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