Leeds set to sizzle in hottest week of the year this week: Day by day sunshine forecast in full

The hottest day of the year is set to hit Yorkshire this week - according to forecasters.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th April 2018, 7:11 pm
Updated Monday, 16th April 2018, 7:21 pm
It's going to get hot!
It's going to get hot!

Leeds and York could sizzle in temperatures as high as 19 to 21 degrees C - positively tropical compared to the Beast from the East and the freezing spring so far.

Scarborough and the Yorkshire coast should see 14 degrees, while temperatures creep ever higher all week, peaking at 22 to 23 degrees on Thursday. Nice!

The weather forecast for Leeds & across Yorkshire this week - day by day:

Tuesday: Largely overcast, highs of 15 degrees C

Wednesday: Highs of 20 degrees C! Sunshine and clouds.

Thursday: Even higher highs - 21 degrees C with lots of sunshine and very little cloud cover.

Friday: Cooling off again towards the weekend, with some more clouds and dropping to 16 degrees C.

What the forecasters are saying:

Meteogroup forecaster Paul Knightley told The Yorkshire Post: “There won’t be much rain around on Tuesday - although western parts of the county towards the Pennines could see some drizzle.

"Everywhere will be mostly cloudy and particularly windy, with southerly winds of up to 35 to 45 miles per hour being very noticeable.”

"While the temperature is set to hit between 14 and 17 degrees today, it will “feel much chillier” due to the wind.

"Wednesday will see a brighter outlook, with sunshine coming through early cloud and spikes of 19 to 21 degrees in Leeds and York, and a south easterly breeze making it chillier in the coast.

"Scarborough should see around 14 degrees. “Thursday should stay dry with more sunshine and the temperature creeping up, to 22 to 23 degrees in the Vale of York,” he said. “It will be quite a difference to earlier in the week, and finally feeling like spring.

"On Friday the temperature will come down a peg or two, but there is a much-needed bit of warmth and sunshine on the way.”