Leeds script supervisor’s cancer battle

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Before she suffered cancer Angie Lavelle would never have thought of throwing herself out of a plane or doing a high velocity zip wire. Now she can’t get enough of these adrenalin fuelled challenges.

“I think having cancer made me realise that I could do things,” says Angie, 54. “When I told my friends about the challenges I am doing they can’t believe it. But I just say I have battled cancer, so I can do anything.”

It is this positive attitude and the support of family and friends from Emmerdale, where she is a script supervisor, which has helped Angie through her four-year battle with breast cancer.

Now she wants to raise awareness of the condition as she in concerned that with the improvement in success rates people might become complacent.

“When I told people I had breast cancer some said: ‘That’s one of the good ones.’ There are no good ones when it comes to cancer and women have got to make sure they check themselves and go to their doctor if they are worried. I’d had a clear mammogram just months before I found a lump in my breast,” says Angie who worked on Heartbeat for 17 years before moving to Emmerdale.

Angie, who is divorced and lives in Guiseley near Leeds, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011. She first noticed a lump in her breast one morning in the shower.

“It was not painful but felt slightly sensitive. I didn’t go straight to see my GP as I was in the middle of filming a block of episodes for Emmerdale. I work long hours and am responsible for continuity in the programme, so it’s difficult to slot appointments in,” said Angie.