Leeds schools could be £12 million better off

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Leeds schools could be £12m a year better off if the Government accepts a fairer funding deal that would help thousands of pupils.

A campaign to develop a new way of setting the schools block grant would see the city with £12m more to spend on resources and staff.

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, Barnsley, Sheffield, and Hull would see a significant increase to their budgets, but Bradford and Wakefield would both lose out.

While the schools block grant isn’t the only money going into education and the pupil premium would remain untouched, what is proposed by MP Graham Stuart, MP for Beverly and Holderness, who is leading the Fair School Funding campaign, is a major change to the way schools funding has been devised since the 1970s.

With plans for a Parliamentary debate, petitions and sessions reporting back to the Department for Education, it is understood there could be an announcement before Christmas by the Government on school funding.

Mr Stuart said: “At the moment, we have a more or less arbitrary system that is letting children down both in deprived urban authorities like Barnsley but also areas of hidden deprivation such as the East Yorkshire coastal towns in my constituency.

“David Cameron committed to resolve this problem in the Conservative election manifesto in May.

“I’m now working hard to ensure this promise is realised as quickly as possible, because every year that goes by only increases the pressure on Yorkshire schools.”

While it’s estimated that Yorkshire as a whole would be £40m better off a year if the new formula is adopted, Rotherham would lose £5.4m, Kirklees £7.2m and Wakefield £2.8m.