Leeds school ‘amazed’ after recording North Korean H-bomb explosion tremor

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A Pudsey school’s science department has returned from its summer holiday to find some of its special equipment had recorded the aftermath of North Korea’s latest nuclear weapons test.

Sunday’s underground explosion resulting from the hydrogen bomb created a magnitude 6.3 tremor, which was picked up more than 5,000 miles away by Fulneck School’s seismometer .

The school’s head of physics Dr Caroline Neuberg said: “What I find amazing in this sad event is how small the world is, and that such an occurrence on the other side of the world can be detected by such a physically simple mechanism.

“Over the years, our seismometer has detected events all over world, including Nepal’s 2015 devastating earthquake.

“Sadly, this is the first time we have recorded a tremor caused by the testing of a nuclear weapon.”