Leeds’s own Nell McAndrew tells of her baby joy

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Model and fitness fanatic Nell McAndrew has shown off her new baby daughter - and says that children are now her priority rather than her health challenges.

The 39-year-old – who has become a mum for the second time – said she has almost got back into shape, but said keeping on top form is now taking a back seat.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, she said: “As much as I love running and exercise, I’m in no rush to cram an intense exercise programme into my days.

“My children are my priority and I’ll fit in exercise as and when I can.”

The star is renowned for her physical prowess, having completed a number of marathons in very impressive times. She holds a personal best of 2hr 54mins, recorded at last year’s London Marathon

However Nell said she is now concentrating on Anya, who was born two months ago, and her brother Devon, six.

She said: “I am pretty much back in shape, but still have a roundness to my tummy and more thread veins.”

McAndrew, who posed for pictures with Anya in the magazine, said her son has been excited by the new arrival.

“The day after she was born I took her to show and tell at Devon’s school. While I was there he rested his arm on my shoulder and I could tell he was really proud. He’s been so good and really patient with me because I can’t do things so quickly with him if Anya needs me. I know he’ll be very protective of her. He’s been much better than we thought.”

McAndrew said she is getting used to broken sleep again: “Anya wakes around every two hours, so I’m getting little chunks of sleep. But when she’s up at night and the house is quiet and still, it’s nice to have time together just so I can look at her.”

She added: “Anya is smiling now, it is so lovely. Every day she changes.”


Nell has carried out a great deal of charity work in recent years.

As well as supporting a range of charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, Help The Aged, the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, she is also a Vice president of the Leeds Rugby Foundation charity.

She has been a ficture of the popular Leeds Half Marathon in previous years, often leading the warm-up.

The full interview is in the latest edition of Hello! which is on sale now.


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