Leeds’s nuisance noise revealed

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LEEDS Council said it will crack down on offenders after it was revealed more than 12,000 complaints were made over nuisance noise last year - the equivalent of 16 complaints for every 1,000 city residents.

The figure, released under a Freedom of Information Act by noise monitoring firm Cirrus Research, is the highest for any council in Yorkshire, and the second highest when compared with the size of the population.

Graphic: Cirrus Research

Graphic: Cirrus Research

The top three reasons people complained to the council concerned music, cars and dogs.

In Wakefield, 2,908 complaints were made - the equivalent of 9 per 1,000 residents - with music, dogs and pubs being the main bugbears.

Across the region, there were 40,662 complaints, with Doncaster the capital of noise nuisance, with 6,231 complaints - approximately 20 for every 1,000 residents. In 2014, just 45 cases ended up in court across the whole of Yorkshire. CLICK FOR MORE YEP NEWS HEADLINES

Thomas Shelton, from Cirrus, said: “With noise nuisance, people are now much more aware of their rights and more likely to complain than grin and bear it. Elderly people are also more likely to complain as they spend more time in doors, and with more homes now having wooden or laminate floors and wall-mounted TVs, we are seeing more domestic complaints as there is less to insulate the noise within the home.”

A Leeds Council spokeswoman said it had been clamping down on noise nuisance “as no one should have to endure the misery that excessive noise causes”. She said: “In 2014/15 we issued over 534 legal warnings, seized equipment from 22 properties and secured three Premise Closure Orders. This shows that we can and will crack down on offenders and we’d encourage anyone experiencing problems to contact the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team as soon as possible.”

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