Leeds's hidden vice trade uncovered

The shocking scale of the online vice trade in Leeds can today be revealed by the YEP.

Rising numbers of people in West Yorkshire are using free-to-access escorting websites to sell their bodies.

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One site investigated by the YEP carries details of nearly 1,500 men, women and couples across the Yorkshire region.

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It has profiles for around 380 women within 10 miles of Leeds's LS1 postcode area alone.

Almost every person illustrates their ad with a provocatively-posed picture.

Today concerns were expressed about the safety of those offering their services online, with hundreds of the women involved thought to be working alone at home.

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Experts are also worried that the ease of placing an internet ad is tempting more people into the sex industry than ever before.

And there are fears that increased competition in web-based escorting means some workers are agreeing to extreme requests that could put their sexual health or even lives at risk.

The dangers facing participants in the vice trade were brought into horrifying focus last month when self-styled 'Crossbow Cannibal'

Stephen Griffiths was jailed at Leeds Crown Court for the murder of three prostitutes.

Nearly three-quarters of female prostitutes interviewed in a recent Government survey said they had been physically assaulted while 63 per cent had been raped.

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