Leeds road is not safe, campaigners say

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Road safety campaigners are calling for new measures to be put in place after they say highways changes led to a hike in the number of accidents.

Richard Matthews says that since two sets of traffic chicanes were removed from Stoney Rock Lane, in Burmantofts, the number of accidents on roads in the area has increased.

He said there were two accidents in two weeks last month, since the chicanes were removed by Leeds City Council, close to his home on Stanley Road.

Mr Matthews, 62, said: “Nobody can describe what goes on, on that road - you really have to see it to believe it.

“In the four weeks since the chicanes were removed, there have been two major accidents.

“Three cars have been written off. It has just been total chaos.”

He has joined with other residents and they are calling for stop signs to be put on Stoney Rock Lane, where it leads up to a roundabout. They are also calling for speed cameras to be installed.

However, a spokesman for the council said the chicanes were “out-of-date”, and were replaced to improve safety for pedestrians and drivers.

The spokesman said: “We have looked at Stoney Rock Lane following concerns raised to us and have chosen to replace the out-of-date chicanes with a set of speed cushions and a speed table to assist pedestrians to cross the road.

“While we believe this leads to a better road for pedestrians, drivers and bus passengers, we understand that local residents have concerns.”

The council said it would engage with people in the area about the concerns.