Leeds retail plan ‘could fuel road chaos’

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Plans for a supermarket expansion have been given the green light by Leeds councillors, despite major concerns about an already “teetering” traffic situation.

Morrisons has won its bid to build two new units at Kirkstall Retail Park, as well as changes to car parking at Savins Mill Way.

However, concerns were raised at yesterday’s Leeds City Council planning meeting about the impact that the development would have on traffic, in an area that is already notorious for congestion problems and is readying itself for other major development projects which could fuel further roads chaos.

Councillor John Illingworth, who represents the Kirkstall ward, said: “The application is premature. I think it needs more extensive traffic modelling, more extensive traffic studies in the area before this is agreed so it is clear what the long-term consequences will be.”

He had earlier told the YEP that the Kirkstall gyratory was already “teetering on the brink” of failure, and although new development was welcome, the current application was likely to be “a catalyst for other things NOT happening”.

His comments were backed at yesterday’s meeting by councillor Mick Coulson, who said: “It will be a bit of a mess before long”. However the panel approved the application, subject to conditions including community infrastructure contributions and cycling facilities.

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