Leeds restaurant guide: The definitive rundown on where and what to eat across the city

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Yorkshire Evening Post has launched the definitive guide to eating out in the Leeds and the surrounding area.

It is our bid to catalogue as many of the local restaurants, cafés, pub restaurants and eateries as we can – to provide you, our loyal readers, with an invaluable guide to eating out in this part of the world.

If you’re new to this part of the world, then you’ll be delighted at the huge variety of restaurants and cafés across the city and beyond. And if you’ve already been here for a while, then you’ll know just how much eating out is part of the local culture. There is an unrivalled choice of cuisines and styles out there for you to try.

The difficulty is deciding which of hundreds of amazing eateries you should visit.


Whatever your favourite food or type of venue, you’ll find it within our guide. If you fancy something spicy, are struggling to find good vegan dishes or just want to try something different, have a look through the huge variety of venues on offer. You don’t have to travel far to experience delicious dishes from around the world.

And the choice comes at the ideal time, as companies and individuals search for the best place to celebrate during the festive season.

There are restaurants for every palate; Christmas curry, perhaps? Or a pancake lunch? Thai meals, Greek choices, traditional British fish and chips and street food.

Maybe Spanish or Italian is your favourite food. Well, just turn to that section and find some new restaurants to visit for pizza, pasta or paella.

And what about those who enjoy a traditional roast? You’re catered for too. We’ve even included a section on cafés and delicatessens for those who are after a light bite rather than a substantial meal. The popular and eclectic local food scene is a reflection of how the Leeds area itself is blossoming – and how its cosmopolitan nature is reflected in its cuisine.

We think it’s great that so many people are heading out each week to experience delicious food, which in turn supports our brilliant and dynamic economy.

Bon appetit!

To see our Restaurant Guide, visit:

www. yorkshire eveningpost.co.uk/whats-on/restaurant-guide