Leeds railway station to be improved

Set apart from the town centre, Morley railway station is isolated and unwelcoming.

Cars left at the station are often broken into and there is risk, too, to passengers on foot.

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So they will be cheered to hear that another two or three CCTV cameras are to be installed.

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Talks have been held between ward councillors, Metro and Northern Trains which will lead to improvements, including an expanded CCTV scheme. At present a solitary camera looks out on platform one.

"New cameras will cover both platforms and also the parking area," said Coun Terry Grayshon (MBI, Morley South). "Funding will come from Morley Town Council and Metro and we hope the cameras will be installed in the next three months.

"The station is rather remote and we are concerned about the safety of passengers. It seems sensible to have some more CCTV there."

The news was yesterday welcomed by three female passengers waiting for trains to Leeds.

Louise Williams, 30, of Ackroyd Street, Morley, said: "That will be really good. At night I have felt vulnerable leaving the station especially when there have been lads about. It can be lonely walking up the steps."

Mandy Holmes, of Nallard Way, said: "You can feel initimidated at night, depending on who is on the train with you."

Sarah Wales, 35, also of Morley, said: "It can be frightening at night especially as the lighting is not good."

A network of cameras covering the main thoroughfare of Queen Street is credited with reducing crime levels in the town centre.

Coun Grayshon said better security would encourage more people to leave their cars and catch the train. Parking spaces on Valley Road would help, too, and this possibility was being explored.

He said he hoped some parking bays would be laid out as part of resurfacing work on Station Road and he wanted people to be aware of the 213 bus service.

"A lot of people walk from the railway into the centre of the town," he went on, "and they probably don't know they can catch a bus.

"It runs parallel to Station Road and is only 200 yards away."

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