Leeds railway station piano removed after vandalism

The 'play me' piano has been removed from Leeds Railway Station.
The 'play me' piano has been removed from Leeds Railway Station.
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PASSENGERS WHO pass through Leeds Railway Station have taken to social media to express their disappointment at the removal of the ‘play me’ piano.

The piano, which was installed by Northern Rail, sat near Sainsburys and KFC in the retail area of the station.

It was available for anyone to play for free, providing a little light relief for commuters and other travellers.

But it was removed around a fortnight ago after it was vandalised.

Simon Smith tweeted: “Nooo where’s the piano gone from Leeds train station?! I love diving on it and unleashing a Tori Amos or Bjork cover. Maybe that’s why it’s gone.”

Sharon Dale said: “Feeling a bit sad that the play me piano has gone.”

David Marper said: “Any ideas where the Leeds station piano has gone?? Used to love playing it.”

A Northern Rail spokeswoman today said the last piano had been found in a secondhand shop and refurbished.

She said the company was in talks with a supplier in the hope of finding a suitable replacement.

“They are very expensive so we have to rely on donations or refurbishing,” she said. “If anyone was clearing out and had one, we’d be happy to get it into Leeds railway station. People really enjoyed it.”

Tweet @northernassist if you can help.