Leeds pupils standing up for Earth

Pupils from Queenswood School marked Earth Day.
Pupils from Queenswood School marked Earth Day.
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Pupils from a Morley primary school marked environment protection celebration Earth Day with a march and a tree planting session.

After a morning of researching environmental issues and producing posters and placards, the children and staff from Queenswood School marched through the centre of Morley to the town hall steps.

Pupils from Queenswood School marked Earth Day.

Pupils from Queenswood School marked Earth Day.

They dressed in costumes to highlight issues such as endangered animals, recycling, renewable energy and pollution.

As they marched, the children held their placards and chanted slogans to create interest from shoppers and passers-by.

At the end of the day they returned to school for a special assembly and planted a tree to celebrate their commitment to a sustainable environment.

Headteacher Julie Tanner said: “This special day allows young people to raise their voices and have their concerns taken seriously – as custodians of the earth and its future, they have the special right to speak and be heard!”

The organisers behind the movement, the Earth Day Network, have pledged to plant 7.8bn trees, which amounts to a tree for every human being on the planet, before the Earth Day’s 50th anniversary in the year 2020.

Earth Day is marked internationally, celebrated in nearly 200 countries.

Queenswood’s partner schools throughout Europe celebrated Earth Day at the same time to show their solidarity.

And on Thursday, the children used Sykpe to speak to children in Lithuania and share their memories of the event.

On this year’s Earth Day world leaders from 175 countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which was drawn up in December last year.

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