Leeds punter ‘too hot’ for the bookies

Jino Sabir.
Jino Sabir.
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JINO the demon betting barber is a cut above other punters when it comes to backing winners.

He bets hundreds of pounds on football games and reckons he wins more than he loses.

And Jino Sabir believes his inspiration is divine.

He says the winning results began coming magically into his head after he started betting three years ago.

Now after imposing an earlier £100 limit on the wagers of the hairdresser from Harehills, Leeds, he claims his local bookie has banned him from placing any bets at all.

Simon Clare, a spokesman for Coral’s said that Mr Sabir was a “very successful punter” having won considerable amounts of cash and was “pretty much too hot to handle” and this had led to the £100 limit being imposed.

The company had the right to choose whose and what bets it accepted.

Mr Clare said winnings had always been paid in full. Sadly the relationship had broken down with Mr Sabir, but if he returned to the shop and limited his stakes to £100 the problem would be overcome. “We understand the customer’s frustration,” he said.

Sometimes Mr Sabir bets on teams to win or draw, on individual players to score, on both teams to score and occasionally the actual final score.

Corals in Compton Row, Harehills, put a £100 limit on his bets after numerous successes, he continued to place much larger bets at another office.

But when he returned to the Harehills office to put £2,000 on a three match accumulator bet the manager passed it back. He refused to accept the bet telling him he was banned.

“I just can’t understand it when I can bet at other Coral’s offices, but not Harehills,” he said.

This is not the first time Jino’s success has resulted in restrictions on his betting. Last season another nationally known chain put a £2,500 limit on his bets, but later withdrew it.

Jino says he puts much of his winnings back into bets or gives it to charity.

In a recent bet placed with the Corals in the city centre he actually lost £500. He correctly predicted the outcome of four games between German and Azerbaijan; Belarus and Luxembourg; Paraguay and Bolivia and Brazil and Romania, but lost because he backed Equador to beat Greece and they drew.

But he claims many successes. He placed a series of winning bets on Under 19s games including £1,700 on Germany beating Macedonia.

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