Leeds pub wants to call time on pigeon party poopers

The Black Prince pub.
The Black Prince pub.
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It’s a Leeds landmark named after a royal figure famous for his battles with the French in the 14th century.

Today, however, City Square’s Black Prince pub is facing up to an even more dastardly set of opponents – pigeons with a penchant for pooping on it.

An application has been submitted to Leeds City Council for permission to take bird control measures such as the installation of stainless steel spikes and use of repellent ‘gel’ on the Grade II listed building.

One document lodged with the council on behalf of pub chain Mitchells & Butlers says the site suffers from birds congregating on its “ledges and ornate detailing” and as a result needs regular and extensive cleaning.

The document goes on: “From a heritage perspective, it is considered that the proposed measures will protect the heritage asset and will ensure that bird droppings on the building will be eliminated, thereby enhancing its overall appearance.”

It also says: “The proposed method to deter birds from sitting on the ledges of the building is considered an acceptable and accepted way to address the problem in a visually sensitive manner.”

Dating back to the end of the 19th century, the Black Prince building started life as a bank.

It was more recently used as a bar or nightclub – being known variously as The Observatory, Flares and Revival – before beginning its latest incarnation last October.

The Black Prince isn’t the only building in Leeds that has found itself targeted by our feathered friends.

Leeds Town Hall is currently protected by what is described as an “anti-roosting” net.

And, in 2011, a cull of pigeons was even considered as a way of sparing historic Morley Town Hall from their unwanted attentions.

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