Leeds pub fined for illegal Sky Sports broadcasts

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The landlord of a Leeds pub has become the latest in a series of city publicans to be fined for showing Sky Sports matches illegally.

Glen Binger, licensee of the Bay Horse in Farsley, has been ordered to pay over £41,000 in damages and costs for infringing the broadcaster’s copyright.

He was proved at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court to have shown live matches on the channel to his customers without having a valid commercial licence.

Publicans can only show Sky Sports programmes if they have an agreement directly from Sky Business. Licenses cannot be obtained from third parties.

Since the start of the football season, pubs in Holbeck, Hunslet and Morley have also been caught illegally screening football games. Sky’s commercial piracy team conduct spot checks in hundreds of licensed premises each week.

Sky’s George Lawson said:

“Showing sports illegally creates an uneven playing field for thousands of hardworking licensees who legitimately invest in Sky Sports, which is why we are committed to protecting legitimate customers from those that threaten their businesses.

“This action clearly demonstrates that venues which choose to show Sky Sports without a valid agreement commit copyright infringement and will face legal action – and possibly hefty financial consequences as a result of their actions.”